Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sew Box Subscriptions Invited 4girlsdesigns To Be A Part of Their January Box!

4girlsdesigns wants to thank SewBoxSubscriptions and their subscribers for inviting us to be a part of their very special January Box.  Sew Box Subscriptions are, sadly, only available in Australia. So if you are an Aussie you are in luck! 

The box contained not one, but two sewing patterns, a wide assortment of sewing accessories, fabric and more! The fabric was personally selected by SBS's crafty owner to make 4girlsdesigns Make It Yourself Beach Bag along with the sewing pattern for it! 

These boxes are full of great items every month to keep your sewing on the cutting edge and you can't beat it as the perfect gift for all the people you know who sew or who want to learn.

You can find out more about Sew Box Subscriptions at their Facebook page:
For all our new clients from Sew Box Subscriptions, please visit our shop: www.4girlsdesigns.etsy 
or www.craftsy.com and search for 4girlsdesigns in "Patterns"

Friday, December 19, 2014

4girlsdesigns now offers custom hand embroidered items:

  • Portraits
  • Pet Portraits
  • Home Portraits
  • Wedding Party Gifts
  • Tie Patches
  • Wedding Dress Tags
  • Anniversary Hoops
  • Almost Anything Hoops
  • Custom Pillows
  • Holiday Ornaments
My work is all done by hand, no computers, no machines involved. They are professionally finished by me. I love to make custom hand embroidered pieces, so contact me today about making yours!

See example below of hand embroidered custom pet portrait on linen pillow. Yes, I even make the pillow! You can choose a pillow or hoop art. 

My sweet Beagle passed away, just prior to her 18th birthday and it devastated my family. She was perfect for our family and her loss hit us all very hard. Embroidering her on a hoop as a lasting memory of her cute face helped me to heal, some. Although we mourned her loss we soon realized we needed another pet, soon. We have scoured the shelters and rescue organizations over a couple of weeks and finally met our new four-legged family member. We did not intend to, but wound up with a much younger dog than what we were looking for. She demands alot and keeps us running. I am happy to have her in our home and we are meeting the challenge of having a puppy. I am glad for the quiet moments when I can look at my little Beagle embroidery, remembering her fondly. It is my hope that my pet embroideries will serve you well as a fond remembrance of a passed loved one, or celebrating your pet today. 

Example of a recent pet portrait pillow:

After purchasing the pillow/hoop listing, please send me a few great photos in full light of your pet. I will send you a photo of the finished item for your approval, prior to shipping. If you would like your pet's name, a heart, years of their life, please let me know and I can make you a custom listing, or just send me the details after purchasing the pet portrait. 

HUGE Shop DeStash Sale going on now through the end of 2014!

There are many items in my shop available for rock bottom prices that I hope you will take advantage of.   Visit my shop, look for the list of sections down the left side of the page and click on "Shop DeStash Sale" to find the items. Thank you to all my awesome customers who made this the best Holiday season ever for my shop! Merry Christmas everyone!
Everything from Tote Bags to Hand Embroidery are included in this sale!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

NEW iPhone 6 and 6+ Touch Screen Wallet PDF Sewing Pattern

Are you getting one of the new iPhone? Here is a Touch Screen Wallet PDF Pattern for the iPhone 6 and 6+! You can also use this for your iPhone 5S or 5C. I love being able to see a text, respond to it, look at an app, etc. without having to take my iPhone out of this handy wallet. Access it right through the clear vinyl window. Your phone is protected and handy. Carry it with the handy wristlet, or toss it in that big bag you like to carry. All your essentials will fit. There is a panel separating your phone from the rest of the wallet. You have an interior section with a pocket and another pocket on the outside. This uses very little fabric and you can start making it today! Just purchase from my Etsy shop  or Craftsy shop.

Looking for Custom Embroidery for Weddings or other Special Occasions?

Look no further because 4girlsdesigns is ready for your special occasion. Brides you can now select personalized gifts for your Father, your Husband to Be, your Mother, and of course your Bridesmaids!  Parents and Grandparents? How about a special Christmas Tree ornament custom made for that beautiful new addition to your family? Please check out my other embroidery items too. There are patterns for Halloween Embroidery and finished as well as custom pieces in my shop. It has become a passion of mine and I accept custom requests. Please get your orders for Christmas ornaments in early.

Here are my custom, original designs for Wedding Table Numbers.


Need a unique gift for the Father of the Bride? Write your own or use one of ours to send a special message to your Dad on your Wedding Day. http://www.etsy.com/listing/202928377/father-of-the-bride-gift-custom-hand?ref=shop_home_active_9


For your Husband to Be send him this special message on his tie! It will calm his nerves and encourage him. http://www.etsy.com/listing/202929653/grooms-gift-custom-hand-embroidered-tie?ref=shop_home_active_8

Groom's you can now send your own message to your Bride. Have her Mother or the Maid of Honor gently stitch this to the tag in her Wedding Dress. Let her know how excited you are about today! You can choose the message or use one of ours: http://www.etsy.com/listing/202931453/brides-gift-custom-hand-embroidered?ref=shop_home_active_7

For your Bridesmaid you can select custom monogram necklaces that also match your Wedding Table Number hoops. http://www.etsy.com/listing/202567603/custom-hand-embroidered-initial-and?ref=shop_home_active_15


and Special for the 2014 Holiday Season

Baby Christmas Stocking version
I am not only a hopeless romantic, but also quite the nerd. Embroidery gives me a new outlet for that. I currently offer these finished hoops in my shop.
J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired Hoop art: Never Laugh At Sleeping Dragons

If you would like to try some embroidery of your own, I have 4 designs for Halloween. Check out my Halloween Cuties PDF Pattern Set:
Thanks for visiting! Come see my shop with lots of new items!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Magical Stuff

My life has changed so much in the last five years.  I have made it through the most difficult days I have ever faced.  Faith grows during difficult times, and brings the hope we all need that things will get better.  I hope that if you are going through difficult times that hope is still alive. I pray that your faith will grow. Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of encouragement, it is a priceless gift.

I now live close to my "happy place" that my family visited whenever we could afford to, Walt Disney World.  This has influenced my life and my patterns as I like making things I need and sharing them with you. I am listing some of my newest patterns and maybe you will see something that would meet a need of yours, or someone you know that you could make this as a gift to bless them.
Simple Shoulder Strap Tote
This is a bag that I created to wear over a shoulder, cross body, that was easy to reach into while wearing it, yet the top also stays close to the body keeping items inside. I see variations of this bag at the theme parks every week on people of all ages. 

Walt Disney World Guests are using Magic Bands that is worn on the wrist and carries the ability to store data like the resort room key, charging capability, and any reservations or fast passes (FastPass+) reservations so in the parks all the guest needs to do is to tap the Mickey head portion of the Magic Band to a touchpoint and it confirms the reservation, gets you in the FastPass+ line, pay for meals or merchandise, collects any photo pass photos taken of your group, link your groups reservations together, etc.  It is a magical addition to the Walt Disney World experience.  They are also completely waterproof so they can be worn in the water parks or swimming pool at the resort.  Some of us have discomforts in wearing the Magic Bands as they are so I designed these unique Magic Band covers that have a comfortable flannel layer next to your skin.  It also makes it possible for you to make the look your own instead of the same band thousands of other people are wearing.   I hope that many people find this Magic Bands Comfy Cover Sewing Pattern helpful. Just click on any of the purple links to get to that pattern in my Etsy shop.
If you are a complete beginner, you may want to try this pattern as your first: Fast & Easy Hobo Bag

How about a wallet that would store all of your credit cards and those small key chain store cards in one place where you can see them at a glance. No more looking through multiple cases at the counter looking for the right card, you can see it and pick it out quickly. 
You will find this in my new Stow It All Wallet sewing pattern.

Maybe you need some bigger bags to pack your things in to come to Disney? Here is a pattern for Pack & Go Bags that come in three sizes.

Would you like something smaller that would carry all of your essentials, and have a touchscreen pocket through which you can use your smartphone without having to remove it? It is especially helpful to protect your phone from scratches and water-resistant vinyl covers it when going on those water rides at the theme parks, or just being around young children who spill often. : )
If you want something just as easy to carry around, yet holds securely more than the wristlet, check out this pattern for the ultimate in travel gear: The Great Wallet Bag sewing pattern

One last item is especially helpful for organization but is equally delightful to use as a gift. The best part is it uses small amounts of fabric that you may have in your stash, waiting for the right thing to use that treasured piece on-this is it. You get to see it, and use it to help organize your tools, pens, markers, crayons, or as a gift put these same items or a candy assortment.  These mug organizers have been around a long time, but they never caught my eye before, but now I see how they are good for SO many things. So I made my own pattern and hope that you find it useful. I include instructions for pre-quilted material and for regular fabric construction. I love these on my sewing table. It is a great way to use a mug that may have a chipped top or other imperfection. Don't throw those away, make a Mug Apron for it and start organizing your stuff!
Thank you for reading my blog today.  I will be posting more sewing patterns soon, particularly some new items for using in theme parks or traveling, and I am working on a new wallet. Is there something you would like to see a sewing pattern for? 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Do It Yourself Holiday Gifts

Who has money any more? My life has changed so much over this year but the creative drive has not.  Some of us just love to make things, especially things we can bless someone we love with.  You know those people better than anyone else, certainly better than any marketing campaign.  Show them how well you know them, and even more, appreciate them for their uniqueness.  That is what drives me to create Holiday gifts.

I have many sewing and craft patterns that can set you on your way to making that very special gift for those very special people.  There are thousands of do it your self patterns at Craftsy.com.  I would love to share a few of my own patterns with you.  My patterns are delivered to you via an email that you can save to your computer or other device, and it is ready for you when you are ready to start.  You can carry that pattern with the list of all the materials you need right to the craft/fabric store so when you leave, you have everything you need.  That frees your mind up to your creative input, whether it be a fabric that is perfect for that special someone, or a themed craft item you can embellish that finished item with that will make your recipient flip!  When you are working on a project other things may also spring to mind to make it even more tailored to delight the recipient....especially if it is YOU!

I have Christmas patterns, sewing patterns for trending cases for electronic devices from iPods to iPads, handbags, organizers, fabric baskets, toys, and more! Please come visit my shop today and check everything out.  In the meantime, take a quick look at some of what I have to offer over at Craftsy.


Show your style, your creativity, and how much you treasure the uniqueness of the recipient by creating something special just for them.  The sewing patterns are accompanied by full color step-by-step photos and directions to help you complete your project!

I just have to add a note about embroidery on felt: It is fabulous! It is so much fun to create with such colorful materials and a product that can be cut to any shape and doesn't need any hemming or turning the edges to the back. It is relaxing and the possibilities are endless.  I have several felt embroidery projects to get you started.  Jump in!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Year, a New Beginning

2013 a Year of New Beginnings.  2012 with all of it's changes, the losses, the pains...is the past.  It was very hard to deal with all the other challenges, but going through the holidays without my mother was the most difficult.  She really "made" Christmas in our family.  I miss my best friend, my Mom. 

My family has been busily preparing our home for the market.  Extensive renovations to update, painting over murals, walls that held many posters...all that you hope someone else will do for you when you are buying a new home.  It is truly more beautiful than it has ever been.  We love our home, but it is in the wrong state for our next adventure.

The employment front remains unyieldingly altered and we wonder about the future, like many other hundreds of thousands of Americans.  

Creating new products and sewing patterns is climbing back into my schedule, thankfully. I have added some new sewing patterns/sizes for newer iPads and eReader devices.  

The New Sizes eReader Book Case fit the:
Apple iPad Mini
Astak Mentor
Nook HD+
Nook HD
Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire 8.9
Kindle Fire 8.9HD
Kindle 2
Pandigital Novel
Pandigital Planet
Pandigital Super Nova 8" Android Reader
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS 950
Velocity Micro Cruz R101
This case pattern fits devices that measure up to
6.5" x 9.5"(Pattern set 1) 
and up to 5.5" x 8"(Pattern set 2)
 The New 2013 Version of the Original
eReader  now comes in
three pattern sizes, designed for the 
following sizes of eReaders:  
Pattern #1: fits devices up to 8.2" x 5.25"
Pattern #2: fits devices up to 7.8" x 4.65"
Pattern #3: fits devices up to 7" x 4.8"

This Padded Case is for the following devices: 
Most 8" by 5 5/8" and smaller, including: 
NEW iPad Mini
NEWEST Kindle Fire
& NEW Kindle Fire HD
Original Kindle Fire
Astak Mentor
Nook Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 3G
Nook Touch with Wi-Fi
New Nook (11/2011)
Be Book Neo
Coby Kyros 4 GB 7-Inch Tablet with Touchscreen and Android 2.2
MID7024-4G Coby Kyron 7"Android2.3, 4GB
Touchscreen MID7016-4G
Cybook Gen 3
Dell Streak 7(wi-fi, 16GB)
Foxit slick
iRiver Story
Kindle 2
Kindle 3
Kindle 4
Kindle Keyboard reg. or 3G Wi-Fi
New Kindle
Kindle Touch reg. or 3G
Kindle Fire
Kobo 1
Kobo 2 Touch Edition
Lenova IdeaPad A1 22282EU-7"Tablet
Nuut 2 NP-602
Onyx Boox 60
Pandigital Novel
Pandigital Novel 2GB 7-Inch Wi Fi Multimedia Tablet and Color eReader R70E200
Pandigital Android 2 GB 9-Inch Multimedia Tablet and Color eReader R90L200
Samsung Galaxy Tab (wi-fi, 3G, 16GB)
Samsung Galaxy Tab7.0 (wifi, 16GB)
Sony PRS300
Sony Pocket 350
Sony PRS-500
Sony PRS505
Sony Daily Ed. PRS600
Sony Reader Touch PRS650BC
Sony Reader Daily Ed. PRS950
Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1
Sony Reader Wi-Fi ereader PRST1
Sony PRS-700
T Mobile G-slate wi-fi 3G/4G 32gb
Velocity Micro Cruz R101 

The Hobbit Door Tote Bag or Pillow that my daughter helped me design:  It is perfect for carrying so many things, securely, and it is fun!  We are big J.R.R. Tolkien fans and have enjoyed seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure in every way that it was produced.  I really liked the 40 frames per second version!  The is reminiscent of the Hobbit door in the story, complete with Gandalf's markings on the door.  
“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” 

It is large enough for laptops, or many books from the library, school stuff, and lined with a green leafy pattern that is reminiscent of the Shire.  I had a customer who wanted the design on a pillow for her very special Tolkien-inspired living room, so that is now added to the shop.  

It is my hope that all of you have a fantastic 2013, perhaps filled with unexpected adventures, for those who like that sort of thing. 

“It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I care about the future.

I have heard it said that when you lose your Mother, you lose your best friend, and she is irreplaceable.  It is more true to me now that my Mom has passed on. It has been 12 days since she left this place for the greater one.  I have wanted to call her and talk to her even more since her passing....but my phone plan does not include that capability.  

After her funeral, and cleaning her apartment, two states away, my second oldest daughter and I came home with some treasured pieces of her life to hold onto, and to pass on to future generations.   The next day, my husband came home with the news that his position has been "eliminated".  Nice timing, eh? He has worked for this company for over 20 years, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore.  Some big wig decided the company could make a certain amount of sales, which he then in turn promised to the shareholders that they would meet...then when it didn't happen, one hundred million dollars had to be found, so what did this ceo do? Cut more jobs, disregarding any thought about the company's future growth, just  make the numbers work. So my hubby, and many, many more honest, hard working people, lost their jobs and surely sends this company into a downward spiral.  This ceo will leave this year anyway so he doesn't care about the future. 

I care.  I care about my husband's hard work. I care about all those business trips it took for this global company to thrive, all the birthday's, anniversaries, Father's days, special performances, etc. that he was not with his family for.   I care about the computer and conference calls that had to happen sometimes even on ":vacation".  My husband worked hard to keep work and family separate, but with a large family and being the breadwinner, you sometimes make sacrifices you don't like. I care mr big ceo man. I care that I have a daughter and son-in-law that are about to have our first grandchild, about two daughters in college, about another daughter so passionate about things that I have recently gotten to enjoy with her that is now on the line.  We will loose our home.  We will lose much of what is in our home. But it is only stuff.  Having to relocate, away from that new grandbaby that is coming, away from school and relationships. That I care about. 

So we pack, we toss, we garage sale, we donate. We repair, we sell, we move. 

Ok. I am a planner. I didn't plan for this. it hit me by surprise!  So, instead of just posting my lastest creations, I am going to add my journey through this. I would love to hear from any of you who have come out the other side.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  And that I have a God that has good plans for me, and my husband, and my children.  

New Sewing Patterns & More! August 2012

Those beautiful vintage fabrics of my Mom's inspired me to make these Glasses Cases Sewing PDF Pattern.  You will find quilted, ruffled, reversible versions.  They all have a small pocket to tuck in your sunglasses when your regular eye glasses are tucked safely inside the main part of the case.  There is also the choice to add a convenient swivel snap hook to clip them to your beach bag or hand bag to have it close at hand.  I gave the case on the left to my niece who is a total vintage girl. She loved the print and it gave her a place to put her newest pair of sunnies! My sister loved the one with the hook and the convenience of having them right where she wanted them to be on her bag.  This is easy enough for a beginner!

Why not get started on making those Holiday gifts now!

Sorry, this is not a sewing pattern, it is an actual product.  I have these in my shop now!  This is a case that holds an eye glass cleaning pad but it is also great for iPhone screens! I just got an older generation iPhone for cheap but was surprised how quickly the glass smudged. So...I use this more for the screens in my life than my glasses! These make great gifts for any age, because who doesn't have a screen/lens of some kind in their life?  Works equally well on: 
eye glasses sun glasses cell phones iPhone
goggles flashlights face shields monitor
helmet visor computer screen eReader screen watch
safety glasses gas mask scopes monitor
camera view finder camera lens' binoculars dive mask
cd/dvd dive mask night-vision goggles ds screen
game boy, psp screen lasers LED meter
tablets laptops netbooks
Makes a great gift for: anglers, backpacker, bird watcher, bikers, campers, construction workers, computer geeks, divers, gamers, gun enthusiasts, hobbyists, sun bathers, skiers, outdoor enthusiasts, readers, photographers
********************************************************************************************************************************************** The Cloth: Eco Friendly micro fiber cloth designed for cleaning screens and lenses. It provides a scratch-free way to clean without the need for harsh chemicals that are not good for our environment. It is reusable and machine washable. Just wash on warm and air dry and it is ready to go! The material is designed to remove: oil, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and smudges from all your electronic screens and lenses. Cleaning cloth measures 6" square; colors: variety of soft pastel shades 


 3 Purse Organizer Inserts Sewing Pattern!

No more searching in the bottom of your bag for your pens, phone, keys, lipstick, glasses, calculator, hand sanitizer, gum, jump drives, wallet, checkbook, cd’s, etc! Just pop them in the pockets of your Organizer! When you want to change handbags, just pull out your Organizer and pop it in the bottom of your new handbag. Everything stays in it’s place! The Organizer Inserts have a large area in the center, with closed bottoms, and a row of pockets on the inside as well as the outside. The Pocket Roll is adjustable to fit a number of bag sizes and configurations. It can be rolled, folded in many configurations to fit a purse, bag, briefcase, etc.  The pattern is available in my Etsy shop!

Insulated Picnic Large Lunch Sack Sewing Pattern with Sandwich, Snack Bags, Stand Up Snack Bag, Fabric Napkin, Sandwich Wrap 'n Tray

The bag is large enough for a six pack and all the bags you are making with food in them! It can hold larger picnic sized, or xl lunch size containers too. It is double insulated to keep your food cool/hot whichever you put into it. I have also included some notes as to the materials used in this and food safety. If you want to use pre-quilted material it will only make your bag go together faster! 

Extra Large, Picnic Sized Double Insulated, quilted, washable, water resistant Bag
measurements: 11” tall, 8” x 6” on bottom, 21” long handle. Back pocket 4 ½” x 6”
materials: cotton prints for outside, food safe nylon for inside,
1/2yard of Main Fabric, Fat Quarter(s)of Contrast Fabric (s) for Pockets, Quarter yard of Peltex 
Interfacing, ½ yd Batting, ½ yd InsulBrite , VELCRO

Reusable Fabric Napkin: Measures 13" square, uses a fat quarter

Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags: 7 ¼” x 5” Snack bag; 7” x 7 ½” Sandwich Bag
materials: Fat Quarter of Main Fabric, and Nylon, 7” VELCRO

Reusable Stand Up Snack Bag: measures 7” wide, 7 ¼” high, bottom is 4” x 3 ½” 
materials:Fat quarter of Main Fabric, Fat quarter of Nylon, 7" VELCRO

and as a BONUS: Reusable Sandwich Wrap 'n Tray: Measures 14" across
materials:Fat Quarter of Main Fabric, and nylon, 2- 1 ¾” x ¾” pieces VELCRO

I have had many customers and blog readers ask me for a pattern for these.  So here it is!  I hope it generates more eco friendly food bags for many families!

Blessings everyone! I hope you are encouraged to make great items for your family to use, to give as gifts, and even to sell.  All of my patterns come with permission to sell, with the exception of the Wrap 'n Tray which is only to be made as gifts or for your family to use.  The patterns themselves cannot be resold.