Monday, May 18, 2009

Some of you have been requesting sources for the polyurethane coated nylon, here is a short list. I am sure there are many others. I have purchased from some of these suppliers before, but not all of them. Thanks for reading my long report! : ) Have fun making your bags!


  1. Is the material you are saying is safe the 1.9 oz plyurethane coated rip stop? I was looking at the and found that. It jsut said it was for tents and such so I was a little unsure. I wrote them but never heard back.
    Thanks for all the time you put into researching this!

  2. Amber: I believe that would fall into the safe product side, as long as you remember to face the shiny, coated side away from your food. I have not used this particular product, but if there is a lighter coating it may be easier to sew. There are mass marketed food bags using the coated rip-stop both for sandwich bags and food stuff sacks for camping/backpacking, etc.


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