Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Cupcake Tower available for YOUR Wedding, Birthday Party, Shower--makes every event in your life a Special Event!

My CupCake Tower
-NOW the perfect way to serve the hottest trends in desserts: CUPCAKES is available to YOU! No need to rent a tower you only use once, you now can have your own for all your party needs! My CupCake Tower is available for purchase! Use it for weddings, showers, birthday parties, sporting events, -ANYWHERE desserts are enjoyed!

An elegant display of cascading cupcakes can be an affordable alternative to an expensive wedding cake, but just as attractive. Cupcake Bakeries are popping up to meet the need of this growing demand. They are creating informal to very formal designs for their cupcakes. Cupcakes are a hot new trend that you can make at home too! Never before has there been so many cupcake supplies been available to the home baker. There are cupcake pans in various sizes: mini, regular, jumbo, even in shapes! The pans are even made in a variety of materials: aluminum, flexible shapes. The cupcake papers are available in multiple colors,
prints, materials, sizes, all to make your cupcakes
more attractive and specific to your event. There
are new cupcake wrappers available too! The
wrappers are in every way as customizable as the
other elements to present your cupcakes. The best
part is they are inexpensive and you can choose
how much you want to spend to get YOUR look.
You can add in other desserts as well, such as
chocolate covered cherries, homemade candies, all
of it will look so beautiful when presented on My
CupCake Tower. You will find many uses, not only
for desserts, but can also be used to serve
appetizers, items for your chocolate fountain, tea
sandwiches, fondue items, even can be used to hold
your table assignment cards for your wedding
reception. And it is equally fun at your child's Birthday

My CupCake Tower can be increased in height and number of cupcakes it will hold by adding layers. The photos are of my standard size, three layers, which holds about 80 regular size cupcakes. My CupCake Tower has a high 4 1/2" span between the layers making room for the "high" fashion cupcakes that have high mounds of topping/sugar sculptures/specialty picks atop them. Most other towers do not offer this. It also makes it possible to make the best use of the space by tucking in all the cupcakes per layer possible, yet not looking crowded or smashing the frosting against the bottom of the next layer. You want your cupcakes to look just as beautiful when your guests pluck one as when it went onto the Tower. I also have hidden details that will keep the layers from shifting about as people take their cupcake. Please visit my etsy shop for custom ordering My CupCake Tower:

Details for My CupCake Tower, as shown in photos:
*3 layers that measure 20', 14' and 8' across
*1/2' deep layers comes with Red grosgrain ribbon with White hearts(this can be easily changed for your other events)
*4 1/2' space between the layers allowing room for even highly decorated cupcakes to fit
*stands 12 3/4' high
*space for about 80 cupcakes
*the bottom layer stands on four spherical feet that brings the cupcakes 2 1/4' off table top, allowing for additional cupcakes to be displayed on table surrounding the Tower, if desired
*a top layer of 8' across, making it the perfect size for a small cake, flowers, or up to 7 cupcakes
*comes apart for easy transportation and storage
*is constructed with safety discs on top/bottom of each layer, that fits into tower cylinder supports, to minimize any shifting or tipping
*constructed of durable materials: mdf board(very durable, and sustainable)gloss paint--easy to-clean, wood, wide pipe center supports

My CupCake Tower can be made to your specifications for your special event (i.e. round, square, color of ribbon for layers, number of layers, etc.) Please convo me with any special requests. These are currently being made to order. Please allow two weeks for construction of My CupCakeTower.

My CupCake Tower comes with ribbon, no cupcakes or additional decorations.

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