Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wool Felt - It has been around for a long time, but I just fell in love with it!

HOT NEW CRAFT:  Embroidering felt!
I was so inspired by some of the felt creations I have seen lately that I had to try embroidery on felt. Here are some of the eco-felt pocket tissue cases I have made. I am very happy with the way they turned out.
Eco-Felt is produced from recycled plastic bottles.  I love that it recycles trash into a material that is soft, beautiful, colorful, inexpensive and readily available. I noticed that the felt you buy by the yard is a thicker product than the craft pre-cut pieces you can find most anywhere. 
I  began with eco-fi brand felt because it was easily available to me.  This was still limited in the colors I could get and I figured if I was going to spend all that time embroidering a piece of felt, it may as well be one that will last a very long time.  I recently purchased a good quantity of 100% wool felt from a wonderful seller on Etsy: feltonthefly
When I opened the package I was thrilled with the colors I had chosen.  When I began to cut out pieces I was amazed at the quality of the wool.  It just has an amazing feel and durability to it that the other felts did not have.  I just completed my first project, an  iPod case.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  Yes, I had heard that if you try wool felt you would never go back.  I appreciate the color, the feel, the durability of wool felt. I also appreciate the eco felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles.  If only the manufacturers would process the plastic bottles to produce a material as thick, soft, and durable as wool felt...

I have found embroidering on felt to be a wonderful, stress-reducing therapy.  I have had a great deal of stress lately and having a craft I can pick up and do anywhere is helpful to my sanity.  I encourage you to try it! I will be incorporating more felt items in my Etsy shop.

 My oldest is getting married this year, so I had to try my hand at making the new felt fower bridal bouquets.  And, being me, I had to find a good way to personalize it, so I added names of two friends getting married along with their wedding date.  I also, being me, developed a Felt Flower Bridal Bouquet Kit  that comes with the felt flowers, in colors of your choice, button assortment for the flowers, wire, embroidery patterns for each flower (each one is different), and everything else you need to make your own Felt Flower Bridal Bouquet.  If you would like to purchase just the Pattern for Felt Flower Bridal Bouquet it is going to be available as a PDF.  I think it would be a great craft for the Bride, Mom, or a member of the Bridal Party to make for the wedding.  Patterns for Bouttoniers are also available.  I have included suggestions for the number of flowers to have in each bridal party bouquet.  sCheck this out in my Etsy shop!

Are you looking for a way to personalize your Easter baskets?  I have some Easter Egg Name Mini Bunting available.  Just let me know the colors, name, and ribbon color you would like and I will make your personalized Easter egg-shaped bunting for you! Available in my Etsy shop now! Please order these early.

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