Sunday, June 12, 2011

4girlsdesigns Has Exciting NEW Patterns: Embroidered Felt Bridal Bouquet Tutorial, Tri-Fold Wallet With 15 Pockets, Great New Travel Bag To Wear on Your Hip or Slip Over Your Shoulder--just to name a few!

4girlsdesigns has put together a few NEW and Exciting Patterns!!  Much time and work has gone into creating a do-it-yourself, easy to follow Embroidered Felt Flower Bridal Bouquet Tutorial and we are happy to make that available in the shop TODAY!  Easy enough for a beginner to embroidery and a great stress-reducing craft when juggling wedding details can be a bit overwhelming.  The full-size flower pattern pieces and many pages of detailed instructions/ diagrams/ photographs make this a really fun project.  Carry a beautiful bouquet on your Wedding Day that will last for generations.

Maybe you would like to make our new Hip or Slip Bag that is worn on your hip, or slip it over one shoulder, or across your body.  It's the perfect bag for the active girl or guy.  The bag will hold all your necessary take along items, and keeps your hands free to do other things. I used mine at the airport, at the theme park, and when I ride my bicycle, or to carry an ereader...there are more uses for this handy travel bag than I can list.  And it is really easy to make! You can make a whole slew of them for your freinds, or even to sell in your own shop.

Would you like a classy wallet that also has 15 pockets?  Our Carry All Tri Fold Wallet PDF Pattern  is just right for you crafty people!  This is another tutorial that arrives in your "in" box via email.  It contains several pages with step by step directions, photos, and diagrams to help you put this baby together. These would be great gifts for Graduation parties! You could get started now on that Christmas gift list.  It is so much fun to make these, and it doesn't use a great amount of material so they are economical to make too.   Why not use that piece of material you were saving for something special to make yourself a special wallet.

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