Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Do It Yourself Holiday Gifts

Who has money any more? My life has changed so much over this year but the creative drive has not.  Some of us just love to make things, especially things we can bless someone we love with.  You know those people better than anyone else, certainly better than any marketing campaign.  Show them how well you know them, and even more, appreciate them for their uniqueness.  That is what drives me to create Holiday gifts.

I have many sewing and craft patterns that can set you on your way to making that very special gift for those very special people.  There are thousands of do it your self patterns at  I would love to share a few of my own patterns with you.  My patterns are delivered to you via an email that you can save to your computer or other device, and it is ready for you when you are ready to start.  You can carry that pattern with the list of all the materials you need right to the craft/fabric store so when you leave, you have everything you need.  That frees your mind up to your creative input, whether it be a fabric that is perfect for that special someone, or a themed craft item you can embellish that finished item with that will make your recipient flip!  When you are working on a project other things may also spring to mind to make it even more tailored to delight the recipient....especially if it is YOU!

I have Christmas patterns, sewing patterns for trending cases for electronic devices from iPods to iPads, handbags, organizers, fabric baskets, toys, and more! Please come visit my shop today and check everything out.  In the meantime, take a quick look at some of what I have to offer over at Craftsy.


Show your style, your creativity, and how much you treasure the uniqueness of the recipient by creating something special just for them.  The sewing patterns are accompanied by full color step-by-step photos and directions to help you complete your project!

I just have to add a note about embroidery on felt: It is fabulous! It is so much fun to create with such colorful materials and a product that can be cut to any shape and doesn't need any hemming or turning the edges to the back. It is relaxing and the possibilities are endless.  I have several felt embroidery projects to get you started.  Jump in!

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