Friday, March 11, 2016

Our Newest Items Include Planners for your Walt Disney World Vacations!

Are you ready to have a truly Magical Walt Disney World Vacation? Great! We are here to help you.
 Ultimate Walt Disney World Vacation Planner Set by 4girlsdesigns

As any Disney World Vacation Veteran will tell you, it is all in the planning. The degree to which you research and make at least basic plans is directly related to the amount of fun you can have while you are there.  My family moved to central Florida so we could be near the place "Where Dreams Come True".  After having lived here and written hundreds of articles for other blogs concerning Disney, we are now launching our Ultimate Walt Disney World Vacation Planner along with various smaller sets for each Theme Park as well as deciding on where to stay while you are here. We just added a set for the 2016 Epcot International Flower & Garden Show that will help you if you are coming in the next couple of months. We keep up to date on what is going on in the World by visiting the parks every week and watching for news that will impact guests in the future.

The planning sheets are easy to use and you will in the end only need to take one sheet of paper with you each day, that can be folded and stuck in a pocket. We wanted this to be a fun way of educating you on choices you should make prior to making a reservation all the way through the layout of each day when you arrive. The sheets have some color and images thrown in to make them "prettier" but not use all the ink in your printer! You will recieve the PDF file that includes all of the Planning sets you want and then you print them out and get started planning the best vacation for you and your family. There are tips from us along the way to help you!
Top 10 Articles and Planning Sheets

Hollywood Studios Vacation Planning Sheets

Walt Disney World Vacation-General Planning and Tips Planning Sheets

Magic Kingdom Vacation Planning Sheets

Epcot Vacation Planning Sheets

Animal Kingdom Vacation Planning Sheets

Flower and Garden Festival Planning Set

Choose from sets for each individual Disney Park, the resort general planning, Top 10 articles, or our Tips set to begin with. You will save $$ by purchasing the Ultimate set over purchasing each individual set. The Flower & Garden set is separate and available for a limited time. NOTE: We are no associated with the Walt Disney World Company.

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