Monday, March 19, 2012

Wow, I need a vacation! How about you? Let's pack up and head to Walt Disney World!

Zippered cross body bags for autograph book, pen, toy, snack, park map? We have those!

 Spring does this to me every year.  I long to escape to someplace magical, relaxing, with no cooking or dishwashing to do.  My happy place is Walt Disney World.  To get started on prep for the next trip, I needed a bag for the kiddos to carry their Autograph books in.  This would take another thing out of my bag and they are old enough to carry their own books.  I wanted a bag that was large enough for the official Walt Disney World Park Autograph and Photo Books they are selling at the park.  So the bag needed to be bigger than the ones I see online for this purpose.  And I don't want anything lost this time, so a zipper closure is a must.  It should be lightweight and have a pen pocket so that can be retrieved quickly when meeting a character.  It would be great if it was made from Disney licensed material too! Having room for carrying a small snack, and park map would be great too.  Ta-Dah: Theme Park Autograph book/Bag with Adjustable Strap has been created!  Some have fun embellishments on them to make them even prettier and I have included a small Disney licensed notebook for drawing in or using for autographs.  Come see all of them in my shop if you are interested in a great bag that would outast a theme park trip to be used at home as a nice reminder of your trip.

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