Sunday, August 19, 2012

I care about the future.

I have heard it said that when you lose your Mother, you lose your best friend, and she is irreplaceable.  It is more true to me now that my Mom has passed on. It has been 12 days since she left this place for the greater one.  I have wanted to call her and talk to her even more since her passing....but my phone plan does not include that capability.  

After her funeral, and cleaning her apartment, two states away, my second oldest daughter and I came home with some treasured pieces of her life to hold onto, and to pass on to future generations.   The next day, my husband came home with the news that his position has been "eliminated".  Nice timing, eh? He has worked for this company for over 20 years, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore.  Some big wig decided the company could make a certain amount of sales, which he then in turn promised to the shareholders that they would meet...then when it didn't happen, one hundred million dollars had to be found, so what did this ceo do? Cut more jobs, disregarding any thought about the company's future growth, just  make the numbers work. So my hubby, and many, many more honest, hard working people, lost their jobs and surely sends this company into a downward spiral.  This ceo will leave this year anyway so he doesn't care about the future. 

I care.  I care about my husband's hard work. I care about all those business trips it took for this global company to thrive, all the birthday's, anniversaries, Father's days, special performances, etc. that he was not with his family for.   I care about the computer and conference calls that had to happen sometimes even on ":vacation".  My husband worked hard to keep work and family separate, but with a large family and being the breadwinner, you sometimes make sacrifices you don't like. I care mr big ceo man. I care that I have a daughter and son-in-law that are about to have our first grandchild, about two daughters in college, about another daughter so passionate about things that I have recently gotten to enjoy with her that is now on the line.  We will loose our home.  We will lose much of what is in our home. But it is only stuff.  Having to relocate, away from that new grandbaby that is coming, away from school and relationships. That I care about. 

So we pack, we toss, we garage sale, we donate. We repair, we sell, we move. 

Ok. I am a planner. I didn't plan for this. it hit me by surprise!  So, instead of just posting my lastest creations, I am going to add my journey through this. I would love to hear from any of you who have come out the other side.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  And that I have a God that has good plans for me, and my husband, and my children.  


  1. Hi, this is Monica, maybe you don´t remember me, I bought a pattern from your etsy store and had some troubles with printing, then you were so kind with me and sent me the printed pattern...remember?
    I´m so, so, so, sorry to read about your mum loss, I read once that you never overcome the loss of a mother, you just try to leave with it. But I´m sure she cares about you too, wherever she is.
    And then I´ve read about your economic troubles and I have to wish you good luck, and strength, and hope that everything will go well, and that this big change comes with a big opportunity of having a new life.

  2. I'm reading this post quite a while after you wrote it, but I hope almost a year later things are looking a bit brighter for you and your family. I lost my mother very unexpectedly in March, so my loss is still very fresh. My husband did not lose his job, but 6 years ago we moved from Vermont to Texas in anticipation of the possibility that would happen in the near future. I hate Texas. I want to move home. But that is not an option at this time. So although it's not exactly what happened to you, I can definitely relate to both of these life events.


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