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New Sewing Patterns & More! August 2012

Those beautiful vintage fabrics of my Mom's inspired me to make these Glasses Cases Sewing PDF Pattern.  You will find quilted, ruffled, reversible versions.  They all have a small pocket to tuck in your sunglasses when your regular eye glasses are tucked safely inside the main part of the case.  There is also the choice to add a convenient swivel snap hook to clip them to your beach bag or hand bag to have it close at hand.  I gave the case on the left to my niece who is a total vintage girl. She loved the print and it gave her a place to put her newest pair of sunnies! My sister loved the one with the hook and the convenience of having them right where she wanted them to be on her bag.  This is easy enough for a beginner!

Why not get started on making those Holiday gifts now!

Sorry, this is not a sewing pattern, it is an actual product.  I have these in my shop now!  This is a case that holds an eye glass cleaning pad but it is also great for iPhone screens! I just got an older generation iPhone for cheap but was surprised how quickly the glass smudged. So...I use this more for the screens in my life than my glasses! These make great gifts for any age, because who doesn't have a screen/lens of some kind in their life?  Works equally well on: 
eye glasses sun glasses cell phones iPhone
goggles flashlights face shields monitor
helmet visor computer screen eReader screen watch
safety glasses gas mask scopes monitor
camera view finder camera lens' binoculars dive mask
cd/dvd dive mask night-vision goggles ds screen
game boy, psp screen lasers LED meter
tablets laptops netbooks
Makes a great gift for: anglers, backpacker, bird watcher, bikers, campers, construction workers, computer geeks, divers, gamers, gun enthusiasts, hobbyists, sun bathers, skiers, outdoor enthusiasts, readers, photographers
********************************************************************************************************************************************** The Cloth: Eco Friendly micro fiber cloth designed for cleaning screens and lenses. It provides a scratch-free way to clean without the need for harsh chemicals that are not good for our environment. It is reusable and machine washable. Just wash on warm and air dry and it is ready to go! The material is designed to remove: oil, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and smudges from all your electronic screens and lenses. Cleaning cloth measures 6" square; colors: variety of soft pastel shades 


 3 Purse Organizer Inserts Sewing Pattern!

No more searching in the bottom of your bag for your pens, phone, keys, lipstick, glasses, calculator, hand sanitizer, gum, jump drives, wallet, checkbook, cd’s, etc! Just pop them in the pockets of your Organizer! When you want to change handbags, just pull out your Organizer and pop it in the bottom of your new handbag. Everything stays in it’s place! The Organizer Inserts have a large area in the center, with closed bottoms, and a row of pockets on the inside as well as the outside. The Pocket Roll is adjustable to fit a number of bag sizes and configurations. It can be rolled, folded in many configurations to fit a purse, bag, briefcase, etc.  The pattern is available in my Etsy shop!

Insulated Picnic Large Lunch Sack Sewing Pattern with Sandwich, Snack Bags, Stand Up Snack Bag, Fabric Napkin, Sandwich Wrap 'n Tray

The bag is large enough for a six pack and all the bags you are making with food in them! It can hold larger picnic sized, or xl lunch size containers too. It is double insulated to keep your food cool/hot whichever you put into it. I have also included some notes as to the materials used in this and food safety. If you want to use pre-quilted material it will only make your bag go together faster! 

Extra Large, Picnic Sized Double Insulated, quilted, washable, water resistant Bag
measurements: 11” tall, 8” x 6” on bottom, 21” long handle. Back pocket 4 ½” x 6”
materials: cotton prints for outside, food safe nylon for inside,
1/2yard of Main Fabric, Fat Quarter(s)of Contrast Fabric (s) for Pockets, Quarter yard of Peltex 
Interfacing, ½ yd Batting, ½ yd InsulBrite , VELCRO

Reusable Fabric Napkin: Measures 13" square, uses a fat quarter

Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags: 7 ¼” x 5” Snack bag; 7” x 7 ½” Sandwich Bag
materials: Fat Quarter of Main Fabric, and Nylon, 7” VELCRO

Reusable Stand Up Snack Bag: measures 7” wide, 7 ¼” high, bottom is 4” x 3 ½” 
materials:Fat quarter of Main Fabric, Fat quarter of Nylon, 7" VELCRO

and as a BONUS: Reusable Sandwich Wrap 'n Tray: Measures 14" across
materials:Fat Quarter of Main Fabric, and nylon, 2- 1 ¾” x ¾” pieces VELCRO

I have had many customers and blog readers ask me for a pattern for these.  So here it is!  I hope it generates more eco friendly food bags for many families!

Blessings everyone! I hope you are encouraged to make great items for your family to use, to give as gifts, and even to sell.  All of my patterns come with permission to sell, with the exception of the Wrap 'n Tray which is only to be made as gifts or for your family to use.  The patterns themselves cannot be resold. 

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